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Poking in Eberron: Summary #2

Welcome back, adventurers. Last we left our intrepid crew, we bravely defended a trading post and scouted the lands for danger and cleared them out. As also to note from last week, I had to leave the game early to attend to family matters, so things happened after. As far as I could recall, the cleric we met at the trading outpost successfully led us to his missing temple, but now we somehow owe the Fey that live in the forest some bribes? I didn’t fully find out how or why, but then again I’m not the wisest or most intelligent character, so maybe it works for my character’s personality to be left in the dark 😛

I should also note that our wizard Wiam had to leave the game for good, so now the party is down to Ottaman, Issa, Lark, and Vash.

So to start from this week, Vash finally catches up with the rest of the party at the steps of the temple (“Good to see you, Vash! Uh…. where are your pants?” / “Don’t ask.”) and continues with them to scout the surrounding areas for trouble. On our first night camping, our witch Issa is attacked by a lycanthrope while on watch, and we all take a couple of turns to smack him around to unconsciousness even without the protection of our armor. Our Paladin Ottaman, being the typical Paladin, refused to kill a defenseless creature and so we left it tied up until it reverted to its human shape. Daylight comes and he turns back into a human, but our heal checks fail to wake him up. I leave behind one of my painted headshots with an autograph, and the rope is cut and we leave him then and there.

Like what we should have done to Nicolas Cage before he ruined movies.

After that exciting little encounter, we continue our journey south and further into the dense forest. We stumble into a grove later in the day that held some delicious (re: not poisonous) mushrooms.

And we all know who loved those.

Problem was, a Boggart and a Slurk thought those were theirs, and so a tense standoff occurred. The Boggart, only knowing enough Common to speak “You go!”, didn’t seem to convince our (yet again) stubborn Paladin to stay away, and he made the grab for the mushrooms. Lark grappled him for purposefully trying to be an idiot, but by then it was too late and the two creatures made their attack.

A few turns in with some damage distributed all around (and with Vash dealing a critical blow to the Boggart), Issa decided to send down his raven familiar to pick up a dropped weapon. Right as the raven made the swoop down…. CRUNCH. Slurk noms on it with spectacular precision. Once both enemy combatants have low health, Lark deals a fatal cleave attack and they both drop.

Don't. Fuck. With tree-things.

We gather some gems from the Boggarts nest, a dropped Morningstar and the mushrooms and leave, happily munching on them as Issa cries and whines for the loss of his (beloved?) bird.

We decide to travel back to Oleg’s trading outpost, having finished exploring this section of land. On our way we drop off the most expensive gem to the Temple that was recently discovered in order to pay off the Fey. We later encounter a fairy dragon and its little cricket-man friend, whom apparently are the recipients of the bribes and came to thank us for our gift. Vash unsuccessfully tries to flirt with the fairy dragon.

"Hey, are those real?"
"Maybe you should go away before I kill you."

They ask us to bring them candy and Mead, so we remember to do just that.

Having arrived back at the trading outpost, Issa comes to realize that without a familiar and with really shitty spell choices, he is pretty much useless. Issa leaves the party for good, and our player David rolls up a new character that doesn’t suck so goddam terribly. He eventually decides on an elven Sorcerer with some kickass Storm-something bloodline that gives him sweet powers. He temporarily names his character Greeble, even though we told him it was a goblin name and…. well, David isn’t all that bright.

Greeble’s (blech) character arrives with a new charter for us on top of the exploration charter we currently have, asking for us to clear a forested portion of the land from traps that are strewn about, and to eliminate any bandit forces in the area in the hopes that we may build our own township. Sounded like a fucking rad idea, so we head out and did just so. Lark and Greeble’s perception skills were so high that we EASILY uncovered and deactivated all of the traps we encountered.

At the end of the forest, we find ourselves in a section of the wood with sparse trees and vegetation. Dusk settles and we dismount from our horses to make camp, but Lark notices something strange on the horizon. With remarkable speed, the creature reveals itself as a Giant Centipede, and IT. WAS. HUNGRY.

To be fair, I too would've been tempted for a piece of this.

With a few meager ranged attacks, the centipede charges at just under 100 feet in one move action and dives straight for our horses. Being quite fond of my Billy, I blazed the way to the creature’s twin tails and attempted to hack off one of them before it could be used to whip at my fellows. It didn’t work, but I clearly got its attention. A few more turns of us whacking at him, and he hits Vash. HARD. One attack caused a 14 point damage, and I only had 13 >.> So yeah, I was down and out.

Amazingly, Lark came to the rescue once again and nailed a critical attack on the centipede with his newly acquired Ranseur, and killed the motherfucker dead before it could devour me. One successful heal check later, and I’m barely conscious.

"That was... intense. But I'm alive! I can't complain about that!"
"True, but.... you have no more pants."
"Yep. No complaints whatsoever..."

In short Vash got fucked up by a Giant Centipede, and my ass got saved by my new best friend Lark.

We continued on for a few days as my HP slowly increased back to normal, and we encounter a man named Joral who was hunting for his family. He didn’t much like our intrusion nor was he in a mood to talk, so we left just as quickly as we arrived.

Our last area we explored was a natural hot spring, much to the delight of everyone. Problem was, there were some giant frogs inhabiting the springs. Not many rounds later, both Giant Frogs we encountered were crit’ed to death by Ottaman and Lark. Vash celebrated the 8-hour gaming session and the scouring of the hot springs by taking a well deserved skinny-dip.

"I regret nothing!"

It was a very intense session, but a very fun one. Sadly, the group won’t be able to play together again for another three weeks due to various other commitments D: So we won’t be seeing another update for awhile. But fear not, the San Diego D&D Group meets up this Friday, and yours truly will try out some 6th Level 4e demos.

I know, most of you will complain. But it is still a great excuse to roll some more dice on a weekly basis.



Comic-Con: Day By Day

Shit was off the hook, guys. How off the hook was it? Let’s just say that I could open a nationwide branch of sperm banks due to the amount of times I creamed myself throughout the course of the weekend. I missed out on greater opportunities for creamage, but… I’ll try to get to that later.

So as I’ve explained in the previous post, I won two complimentary passes to San Diego Intl. Comic-Con by courtesy of Illusive Comics & Games (the link is intentional – check it out). Instead of spending one crazy day at the Con as originally planned, I was able to attend for four crazy, incredible, jam-packed, nerdy, armpit-staining, Catwoman-oggling days. Here’s the day-by-day account, with pictures!

This means that four year-olds can pay attention!


The majority of the photo-taking adventure of Comic-Con occurred here, when I was able to use the Pacman helmet made courtesy of Zana. Here are some personal favorites from the day:

Pacman faces his mortal enemy, The Mexican Avenger.

There are many ways that this photo is both awesome and hilarious.

That shit ain't canon, but it tempts the mind.

Holy shit holy shit this was so cool

Clif and I bring out the big guns and the ladies that occupy them, courtesy of the Lionsgate booth (promoting The Expendables).


  • Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 (about damn time), along with a Scott Pilgrim wristband and sticker.


  • The Expendables: Clif and I only got in about halfway through, but already sitting on stage was Sylvester Stallone, Steve Austin, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and (shockingly out of his league) panel moderator Harry Knowles. We got to listen to the Q&A and see two amazing clips of the movie. The amount of testosterone in the room was preposterous…. or dare I say, PREPOSTERONE?!
  • Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: We only stayed until the end of the cast introductions, but it was already plenty enough to be entertained. Director Edgar Wright moderated the panel and at one point brought out Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, then after a couple minutes shooed them from the stage. It was all very hilarious.
  • Penn & Teller: This panel touched on their Bullshit show, their origin stories and their magic gig in Vegas. It was insightful to hear about some of the things they have in store for the next season of Bullshit, and everything between was a funny anecdotal from past acts and events.

Other Notables

  • I got the autographs of the entire Big Bang Theory cast. That was wildly cool, except for the giggly fangirls right behind me. That was wildly annoying.


Zara was finally able to accompany us for Friday when she was previously scheduled to work, so that was pretty good. To our extreme disappointment we didn’t make it into the Big Bang Theory panel that afternoon, given a ginormous fuck-off line that lead into the room it was in. It dampened our spirit that day but it didn’t go without some more good photographs. Saturday was just… plain crazy. But plenty of good things happened that made me squirm with delight.

First, the pics:

Big convention center + every single room in use = a whole lot of nerd funk.

This is just goddamn adorable. I would save this pic for the kids, only then I'd have to explain who Pikachu is and the wonderful world of Pokemon, and I don't think I could bring myself to do that.

Is it just me, or do I detect a bit of jealousy from Hermione?...

"Jeepers mister, you're real tall!"


This giant ad, alone, made the entire trip worthwhile and is easily the greatest thing to happen to downtown San Diego yet.

No convention is complete without the Daft Punk duo. This is one of my ultimate dreams of cosplay to attempt.

The entire cast of Mythbusters, with Chris Hardwick moderating.


  • Loads of Penny Arcade crap, including: Fruit Fucker t-shirt, book 5 and 6, and two sticker sets. I’m a Penny Arcade whore and I’m proud of it, damnit.
  • A free shirt and bag from ABC, promoting their new show “No Ordinary Family”
  • A Woodstock keychain for my mother
  • T-shirt from Red vs. Blue, “You ever wonder why we’re here?”
  • “Walking Dead” stuff for Illusive


  • Mythbusters panel on Saturday evening. I can’t tell you any more about this, because… come on. Mythbusters. In person. Jaime and his mustache? Adam in a Batman suit? You don’t deserve further explanation unless you were there yourself. I pity you. PITY.
  • Zara and I sat through a couple of panels while waiting for Mythbusters… the one that screened the pilot episode of a new show, “Nikita” (of the “La Femme” variety, only modern and starring an asian chick), was pretty interesting and I might catch it once it airs. The other was with the second season cast of “Human Target”, while uninteresting, had Jackie Earle Haley there, so that was pretty righteous.

Other Notables

  • Zara nabbed a picture of LL Cool J and walked past an escorted Wesley Snipes. Lucky little jerk.
  • On Saturday I spent the beginning of the afternoon outside, by myself, while Clif was in a panel with my badge and Zara was in the exhibit hall with the other badge. Later on, Clif had to give his back and buy a Saturday day pass from someone outside the con before he could get in line for Kevin Smith. Which reminds me…
  • You might have heard already, but one nerd stabbed another nerd near the eye with a pen fighting over a seating arrangement. This delayed all of the hugely anticipated panels in Hall H for 45 minutes, and clearing the entire room of attendees who were waiting inside, literally for hours, to see the panels they waited all day to see. That really sucked. So did the pen-stabbing, I guess. Later that night at the Kevin Smith panel, one attendee would come up to the Q&A microphone with a pen sticking out of one of the lenses on his glasses. I love Comic-Con and everyone who goes there. Besides idiots who get snippy about seating.
  • We got sketches on ZAra’s sketchbook from famed animators and artists from Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik, Cyanide + Happiness, PvP’s Scott Kurtz, Steven Silver, Brian Lee O’Malley’s (!!!) signature, and others.


Very chill day. I finished up some shopping for small things, and wrapped up filming my “thank you” video dedicated to everyone who helped me get to the con. I leave you with this final photo taken on that day, and is easily the cutest damn thing:

Teh cuteness... it's too much!

San Diego Comic-Con is a time of the year that, I must say as a nerd, that you cannot and absolutely should not live without. Go there next year, I do NOT care what excuses you have. Follow them on Twitter, RSS feed subscription, I don’t care how you do it. Once you see tickets are available, GET ON IT.

I’ll be seeing you there.

Music: "Shots" - LMFAO ft. Lil Jon

My Photogenic Girlfriend

People often ask me what I see in my girlfriend that makes me love her so. These are questions that I’m always very delighted to answer, and I never tire of being asked them. Even though sometimes it can be hard to answer, but only because there are so many reasons to choose from. But honestly, and easily, one of the best things about Zara that immediately attracts me to her is her creativity.

Most of you know her as an academic, braniac, bookworm, studyholic, etc etc, but most people don’t see the artist inside of her. She keeps a lot of feelings to herself, and expresses them through many forms of art. She can knit, draw, crochet, and (to her own surprise) write very well. I have evidence of ALL of these things to prove it. Lately however she has discovered a new artistic passion in photography, the following of which are some of my favorite examples:

Her self-portraits are awesome :O I particularly like this for the camera she used to take it, using 35mm film

One of many examples of her animal photographs. Note that the dog is also very satisfied with the way this photo was taken.

One several photographs for her Photography Final. She chose her project as photographing random items in the drawers inside her lab, and when situated it was a very interesting piece of work.

She loves her corn ^^

My best friend David makes a cameo appearance in this awesome shot during a pool game

Every time she posts up a new photograph, I can never help but to keep going back to it and I always seem to find something new. She has a new love for photography, and honestly, I can see her getting into it as a serious hobby or even a part-time thing. And I can tell she loves doing it too, which makes me love that she is doing it in return. A happy Zara makes an ultra-happy Lance; a Lance that loves her very much.

If you’d like to more of Zara’s photography, you can visit her photo blog that is linked on my Blogroll to the side (under “s n a p p y z e e”) and her Flickr page, as SnappyZ. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you visit her pages, as all of her photographs are well done and fun to look at.

Music: "Eight Days A Week" - The Beatles