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Because this wouldn’t fit in a Facebook status

I’ve been spending more hours than necessary researching into this Zadroga Bill that compensates first responders to the 911 attacks with healthcare, whom many of which are suffering from diseases from their courageous work. I’ve been reading how Republican Senators are doing all they can to stop this bill from even reaching a vote to the Senate, because they promised on paper that they won’t do shit unless “them rich folk” get tax cuts. Because, you know, it’s super, super important.

This is probably the only time you’re going to see me place blame using generalities, but only because it is true.

Republican Senators, fuck you with the rustiest rake in existence.

In the off-chance that any of you come across this blog post while googling yourselves, why not stop listening this angry nobody and listen to these four angry 9-11 first responders?

There is simply no excuse. I’m going to bed.

You make me sad. Come, Patsy!

Best sidekick ever.