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Because this wouldn’t fit in a Facebook status

I’ve been spending more hours than necessary researching into this Zadroga Bill that compensates first responders to the 911 attacks with healthcare, whom many of which are suffering from diseases from their courageous work. I’ve been reading how Republican Senators are doing all they can to stop this bill from even reaching a vote to the Senate, because they promised on paper that they won’t do shit unless “them rich folk” get tax cuts. Because, you know, it’s super, super important.

This is probably the only time you’re going to see me place blame using generalities, but only because it is true.

Republican Senators, fuck you with the rustiest rake in existence.

In the off-chance that any of you come across this blog post while googling yourselves, why not stop listening this angry nobody and listen to these four angry 9-11 first responders?

There is simply no excuse. I’m going to bed.

You make me sad. Come, Patsy!

Best sidekick ever.

Eat, Pray, Commit Acts Of Terror?

I hardly ever get political, both on the Internet and in my personal life that resides in the mysterious region known as “offline”. The reason for that is because I come from a family that is for the most part conservative, and I hate confrontations. By the end of the day we may all still be family and love each other dearly but there will still be that weird tension where you know there will be things you simply cannot agree on.

There are times though when an issue comes up that conservatives raise all sorts of hell over, and I finally have a pair of balls drop from me and I stand up to call them retards.

"You're all retards."

That particular burning issue I speak about now is this “Ground Zero Mosque” that’s being brought up constantly from news organization to news organization. If you haven’t heard anything about this, then let me first say how awesome it is to live a life like yours where this particular headline doesn’t cause so much drama and division in your country. You… are in America right? No? ID, please.

This story started about a month ago when a group of local Muslims proposed to redecorate an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory building just a few blocks away from Ground Zero in Lower Manhatten into an Islamic Community Center (read: NOT a mosque; a mosque ONLY services for worshipping and nothing more). The 13-story building would include such things as a culinary school, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and a Muslim prayer center. In other words it’s no different than your average Jewish or Buddhist community center. But the problem that many people have with this is its close proximity to where the Twin Towers collapsed.

Huh. Proximity. So conservatives like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin think that this is entirely invasive to the hallowed grounds of Ground Zero, yet they fail to notice that there has been a mosque even closer and even pre-dates the WTC? Funny, I hadn’t even known it existed until this past day, and this new Islamic center is the core of their outrage. You won’t even SEE the damn building unless you just happen to wonder onto the right street, and even then, it’s an added two blocks away from the planned site of the WTC Memorial. It’s not like they’re constructing a big dome that will eclipse the New York Skyline like it was throwing a huge “Fuck you!” at Ground Zero.

It's not like we would beat them to it anyway.

Among other wild accusations pointed at the proposed Park 51 building is that it will be a “training ground” for new terrorists to create some much undesired havoc and destruction upon our nation. Unbelievable, right? It’s also very, very stupid.

Here is the vision statement from their website: “Park51 will be dedicated to pluralism, service, arts and culture, education and empowerment, appreciation for our city and a deep respect for our planet.¬† Park51 will join New York to the world, offering a welcoming community center with multiple points of entry. With world-class facilities, a global scope and strong local roots, Park 51 will offer a friendly and accessible platform for conversations across our¬†identities.”

I’m shaking in my pro-capitalist, free-marketed, I’m-politically-against-anyone-who-isn’t-in-my-religion boots. Take a look at the “Facilities” page on the site too, they’re even going to place a memorial to the 9/11 attacks! The point of the community center isn’t to encourage violence, it’s to encourage knowledge, discussions, and ideal brunch menus. Are we seriously worried about breeding new Terrorist Chefs?

"For too long we have tolerated your sinful allegiance to the United States Food and Drug Administration! You will bow to Allah and our new volume of "Kooking With The Koran" or you will die!"

Aside from the silly, in the past years since after the 9/11 attacks, Muslims have been in more danger of being the target of violence than the other way around. On May 10 of this year, a mosque in Jacksonville, Florida was pipe-bombed by a man who placed it on the outer walls of the building late at night. It was set to go off during the evening worship, yet it thankfully injured no one inside or out. Honestly, I have more of a reason to worry about Americans attacking me than I do for any other nationality.

But the real question isn’t “can they do it,” it’s “should they?” This is where the real division occurs amongst Americans, where the more vocal majority calls it an insensitive move towards survivors of the WTC attacks and an insult to those who sacrificed their lives for our country.

I feel that it’s important to remind these people that there is no insult in this whatsoever. As stated, the community center is no attack against the victims’ families and heroes of 9/11 and it is not being catered to Muslims only, the building is open to EVERY and ALL New Yorkers, and by proxy, to all Americans. It’s no different from the Cathedral right next door to the WTC, and if you still have a problem with this Islamic Community Center strictly because the crazy nutjobs who killed thousands of people on September 11th did so based on their bastardized interpretation of their faith? Go ahead, scream your opinion to the world. I wish you the best of luck in repealing our First Amendment right of a freedom to religion, because that is the only thing that will stop this center from being built where it is now. Let’s not also forget that it would be hypocritical to target Islamic extremists only, since other notable religious whackos have caused domestic violence, in OUR country, in the name of their religion.

Now if only they had a community center to teach them tolerance and understanding, instead of giving them more time to stay at home and build that pipe bomb…. makes that swimming pool slash restaurant slash 9/11 memorial seem like a damn good investment, does it?

Speaking of good investments in New York...

Let me just put it this way: if you’re against a group of Muslims the freedom to worship and learn to prepare a good dinner wherever they please, then maybe you’re better off in the Middle East, where there is virtually no sense of freedom established. Only downside for you is, shit, the place is full of Muslims! Either that, or denounce the right to practice religion in our country altogether.

I just hope you’re ok with confrontations, because I’m sure not.

Disclaimer: I probably went a bit far when I blamed “conservatives” for being the retards behind this, as it isn’t only conservatives who don’t like the idea of true religious freedom. To better put it, anyone who doesn’t like religious freedom, whether you are a liberal, a conservative, or anything beyond or in between, is a full-blown retard that needs a serious course on tolerance. With a crowbar.

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Grassroots movement? More like an Asshole convention, amirite?

Remember my post awhile back pointing out specific asshats that belong in the Tea Bagger Party movement? Well, these guys have done it again. I sure hope those level-headed supporters take a look at this.

Don’t you miss the days of intelligent conversation?

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Tea Party? Where are all the crumpets?

I don’t typically pay a lot of attention to political news, because nowadays there’s just never any good news about it. I’m very, very selfish about certain things I would call a “political interest”, and for the most part those are social interests such as gay marriage, pro-choice, etc.

But my eye has been caught recently on the Tea Party movement that’s starting to create headlines around the country. I was confused at first whether this was a new politcal party that has risen, or just some excuse to have a large amount of gothic lolitas sip on tea together. After some simple Google-fu and YouTube video searches, I was able to learn about what they’re about and also how batshit fucking loco-insane some of those guys can be.

I honestly would’ve stopped looking any further into the movement, since when it comes to taxes and spending and such I can’t wrap my head around that stuff, but then some videos of Tea Party rallies caught me off guard. You can see them for yourself, so you can guess what I say next:

I mean, I’m not trashing their opinions, nor do I whole-heartedly endorse the opinions expressed by the end of the second video (I’m too ignorant at the moment to have an opinion on healthcare and such), but it’s just really…. weird, to see that there are people supporting a cause that they don’t seem to know a whole lot about on their own. That of course is not to say that all individuals involved in the movement are dumb, close-minded rednecks or anything, but it is concerning to see how some people blindly follow a strictly conservative movement and are unable to answer simple questions pertaining to it when asked.

As for the first video, just…. DAMN. One of the things that annoy me the most are those who are against tolerance of different beliefs, opinions, and so on. It was incredibly brave of that guy to waltz up to a public protest to state his own opinion in front of those that disagree with him, thats something I certainly would have a hard time doing. But instead of anyone willing to communicate with him in a civil way, or at least leave him be and have his say, they just POUNCE on the guy and do everything they can to shut him up and drive him away. At this point it doesn’t matter to me if his sole purpose was to gauge a reaction out of them, because what happened there has clearly shown how opposed a good many of those teabaggers are to differing opinions.

I won’t even mention how the movement is also potentially driven in a religious perspective, because I hate talking about it. I’m a firm believer of a separation of Church and State, and seeing such a blend of it happen in a huge scale irks me in a very disturbing way. Having any political action influenced by religious beliefs automatically makes me skeptical, and I won’t likely support it.

At least when I’m ignorant about an issue, I shut up about it before I make a fool of myself, and I don’t act a dickweed if I see somebody who doesn’t support my opinion. Looks like a few of these Tea Party folks need a lesson in table manners?

…..I’m very sorry about that. No more puns, from here on out. Promise.

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