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Please refrain from de-blogging me.

I know, friends…. I know. I have done what I had vowed not to do, which was to leave this blog to gather dust. The terrible habit has been revisited, and has stabbed a new wound left to fester and scab.

But the scab has been pulled, and the dust has been brushed off. This blog is alive, goddamnit, and thats a story that I’m sticking to.

Though I'd rather find a more handsome doctor to keep it alive. Can somebody call Hugh Laurie?

So, where to begin? There have been some changes, but nothing incredibly significant. I suppose I could start with my Honda, the Rad Mobile…

Oh, that’s right. I finally sold that demonic hunk of machinery to a dealer and got another ride. It’s a ’98 Toyota Camry, appropriately named….. Toyoda.

Adventure. Excitement. A Yoda Car CRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVES these things.

No, it doesn’t look that awesome. Indeed, far from it. But it works much better than the Rad Bad Mobile did in its prime, and I’ve been happy with it so far.

One other important thing I should mention is my new plan for this blog. To keep up with updates and making sure I don’t abuse it again, I’d like to make a weekly post that summarizes the Sunday D&D sessions I will soon be having. I’ve found a group that is open for a 3.5 Pathfinder game, set in Eberron. This will be my first time rolling dice in this setting, so I’ll be learning a lot of new things that I would like to share to those interested.

Of course, I’ll interject every now and then with other anecdotes throughout the week, but this is at least something I’d like to keep as a regular thing. Even if you’re not a D&D fan, I’ll be playing the comic relief character, so crazy shit WILL happen.

So until next time, friends. And remember, be sure to always do what the voices inside the dice are telling you to do.

Roll for doing my laundry.... success!


Music: "Derezzed" (Glitch Mob Remix) - Daft Punk

I’m back, back in the San Diego groove.

Lots of things have changed for me since we’ve last spoken (what’s that? I’ve kept you waiting for that long? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were bored?). I clipped my fingernails, I found a couple of songs by Weezer that I really like, Lindsay Lohan is an addict re-re-re-re-reborn, and I moved back to San Diego.

Yup, the prodigal son of America’s Finest City is back with a vengeance, and he’s taking the town by storm. The very first thing I did when I flew down was apply for a job at a pet shop… and four hours later, I got called in for an interview to the voice of someone who sounded almost desperate.

"We need dog shit cleaners and we need them NAO!"

So, after my pee test today, I’ll pretty much be hired. That was quick and painless.

I’m already in a comfortable living situation with Teh Girlfriend and her new roommate, Marley the cat. I’ve had a bicycle lovingly donated to me by my aunt, and there are pushes into getting my own car via the help of one of my uncles. Things are looking great down here and I couldn’t be happier with that. Except for this goddamn kitchen sink that refuses to dispose of my garbage.

I sure hope I called the right guy...

If any of my northern California friends wish to vacation in the world’s best city and get to see their good buddy Lance at the same time (or see him mop up urine puddles on aisle 5), consider this your open invitation.

Music: "New York Groove" - Ace Frehley

A Jewish scriptwriter, a Stormtrooper, and a percussionist walk into a blog post…

So, a new quarter begins. I’m only taking one class, and one class only: Intermediate Scriptwriting.

The instructor is a guy named Barak Goldman, who was once heavily involved in the industry and still does some work in Hollywood from time to time (at least I think). Funny as hell, it’s always fun to be in his classes. But it’s gonna be hard as fuck, too. In my last quarter, each student was only expected to complete the first ten pages of their script and we had an easy teacher. This quarter, we’re to complete 30 pages and be graded as if it were really being analyzed by a script reader in Hollywood. It’s going to be CRAZY difficult, but I think I’ll enjoy it a lot and it would help me be an awesome writer. We’ll see what happens. I might end up succumbing to the stress and find a nerdy way to off myself.

Bacon overdose: I regret nothing.

In other news, job hunting is the suck right now. I’ve been in a flurry of application signings and the like, and no one just seems to want to hire. Not just me specifically, but nobody at all. Stupid employees. Stop being so damn good at your job. I want a turn.

So today (after a delicious and spontaneous lasagna lunch at my dad’s work), I went around to some comic shops I know of in the city just in the SLIM chance that they would want some helping hands. Not to my surprise, nobody was hiring. However, now I know where I’ll be going for Free Comic Book Day (May 1st). I can hang out with the 501st Legion, Rebel troops, and Browncoats!

It's the 501st, on May 1st! Get it? May 1st -> 5.01? That's clever. They're so clever. Hah hah.

If you’re in my part of town and you’re interested in geeking out on May 1st, hit me up in the comments and I’ll tell you where to go.


I visited my old drum instructor Chris, who works at a local drum shop called Lemmon Percussion. We caught up, talked about old times, stuff like that. It was really cool to chill with him again. He brought up a few clinics and new products in the store, and I offered my camcorder to help record these things and put them up on their website. He seemed to like that idea. Watch out, internet: more of my video crap might appear on your pages, but it’ll be PROFESSIONALISH.



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