“So, wanna know why they call me the ‘Glam Slam?”‘

So my first meeting with the new D&D group went very well. I got to understand the world of Eberron pretty well, and all of our characters in the group were finally completed and introduced. It isn’t exactly the most balanced party around, but so far we’ve done pretty damn well…. in the one combat round I could stay for.

But first, let me introduce you the characters, along with a brief summary of their background story.

Issa is a Half-Elf witch whom long ago was one of few survivors from a pirate attack on his small town which left his parents dead. While escaping with the other teenagers and children, he encountered an injured raven and helped nurse it to health. Once the raven had fully healed, it revealed itself as being the manifestation of a demon, and granted Issa with the knowledge of magic in return for keeping it as his familiar. Issa has specified no reasons for becoming a traveling adventurer. Played by David M.

Lark Deftroot is an Oakling (tree/human hybrid, like a tiny version of an Ent) fighter who was part of a small community of Oaklings in an unspecified forest. Being alone even among his own kind, Lark captured the friendship of a young human girl even though it was strictly against the rules and conduct of his community. He was one day caught by one of his peers while speaking to the girl, and challenged Lark to a duel. Lark lost, and was banished from the community. Meanwhile, the girl had moved away to an unspecified location, so Lark sets out not only to find his human friend, but to discover what it means to “feel with your heart.” Played by James M.

Ottamin is a human Paladin who reigns from an unspecified location, and without a deity that he follows to the knowledge of the party he leads, and has sought out adventure to smite all that is evil and bring peace and fairness to the good. (In other words, he hasn’t finished his backstory yet.) Played by Michael M.

Wiam is a human Wizard who is very adept in magic, even from a young age. He was apprenticed by well-known wizard who saw his aptitude in the art of magic, and sought to teach him everything that he knew. With Wiam’s incredible power, he accidently wrought some damage to his masters’ home while learning new spells, and with some reluctance he was advised to seek out adventure to hone his skills… preferably at a safe distance from the home of his master. Played by Jeremy S.

Vash “Glam Slam” Emberheart is the narcissistic human fighter who cares a great deal for his image and fame (or what little he has of it). Raised by his wizard father, Vash was taught the importance of logic, intelligence, and magic. Vash threw that all away for big swords, muscles, and women-folk. He ran away to join a traveling performance group and was taken in by the “strong man” performer, a retired adventuring fighter named Callak Ragondor. Over the years he taught Vash combat techniques, strength exercises, and how to survive in a fight. After Callak died and he was caught in an awkward situation with three dwarven concubines and a pinceone, Vash left the group to build his own legacy through adventure and dangerous quests… into the skirts of as many women as possible. Played by Lance.

Our DM is one with many years of experience under his belt, named Mark.

We first began our journey at a small trading post west of Sharn, the capital city of Breland in the Khorvaire continent of Eberron. There we were asked to stay and defend the trading post from bandits, who have been collecting money from the posts’ owner, Oleg, rather than stealing away his wife for their own nefarious purposes. A few days later, Oleg let in the 3 bandits and their leader to the post and our magicians shut the gates behind them, trapping them and allowing us melee badasses to whoop them.

And boy, did we whoop them. On my first turn, I rolled some high damage on an already injured bandit lackey, and carved him to pieces with the one blow. On my next turn, I jumped over a table and flanked the leader of the bandits, and rolled a CRITICAL (confirmed, as this is 3.5) with my Greatsword, which you can imagine, did an incredible amount of damage. So incredible, in fact, that he died immediately after my strike. Yup, Vash “Glam Slam” Emberheart started very strongly.

Only two more turns took place before the remaining two bandits were disposed of, and we hung them on the palisades to teach the rest of the bandit group a hard lesson. We also kept the horses they rode in on. I named mine Billy.

Our intent to going to this trading post was to exercise our charter in exploring this area of Breland. So we travelled East from the trading post and encountered a very strange potion maker who wanted us to kill his brother. We went back to Oleg’s post and met a cleric named Jhor who is seeking a temple dedicated to his deity (whom he also never disclosed).

Anyway, I had to leave right after then so I’m not sure what happened after. But it was a lot of fun and I eagerly await our game for next week.


Music: "21 Guns" - Green Day

3 responses to ““So, wanna know why they call me the ‘Glam Slam?”‘

  1. “We also kept the horses they rode in on. I named mine Billy.”


  2. I was thinking of names I remember for fictional horses, and the first one I thought of was Bill the Pony from LotR.

    The DM gave us an indication that we might not be keeping these horses for long anyway, so we’ll have to see about the fate of Billy the Horse. He’ll either be glue, or turn into the 75 GP that horses are worth. Maybe 80, if I brush his hair really well 😛

  3. lolz. That reminds me of whenever I’d play with Tres’ brother Timmy in the group, he always insisted on having a horse, pony, whatever. I made a habit of taking these away, usually in the first session.

    Timmy was a bit of a challenge to play with; he had a tendency to add extra things to the scenery. For example, they were walking along a meadow, and Tim said that his character goes and finds a cave. No caves around, I tell Tim. Next I know he says he’s building a fire in the cave.

    Anyway, that same character had a pony. I had a wandering band of orcs(?) come by and demand the pony in exchange for his life. After arguing back and forth, somehow the pony ends up dead. So what does he do? He sets the pony on fire.

    Another game I actually killed off his horse before it ever even saw gameplay.

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