Please refrain from de-blogging me.

I know, friends…. I know. I have done what I had vowed not to do, which was to leave this blog to gather dust. The terrible habit has been revisited, and has stabbed a new wound left to fester and scab.

But the scab has been pulled, and the dust has been brushed off. This blog is alive, goddamnit, and thats a story that I’m sticking to.

Though I'd rather find a more handsome doctor to keep it alive. Can somebody call Hugh Laurie?

So, where to begin? There have been some changes, but nothing incredibly significant. I suppose I could start with my Honda, the Rad Mobile…

Oh, that’s right. I finally sold that demonic hunk of machinery to a dealer and got another ride. It’s a ’98 Toyota Camry, appropriately named….. Toyoda.

Adventure. Excitement. A Yoda Car CRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVES these things.

No, it doesn’t look that awesome. Indeed, far from it. But it works much better than the Rad Bad Mobile did in its prime, and I’ve been happy with it so far.

One other important thing I should mention is my new plan for this blog. To keep up with updates and making sure I don’t abuse it again, I’d like to make a weekly post that summarizes the Sunday D&D sessions I will soon be having. I’ve found a group that is open for a 3.5 Pathfinder game, set in Eberron. This will be my first time rolling dice in this setting, so I’ll be learning a lot of new things that I would like to share to those interested.

Of course, I’ll interject every now and then with other anecdotes throughout the week, but this is at least something I’d like to keep as a regular thing. Even if you’re not a D&D fan, I’ll be playing the comic relief character, so crazy shit WILL happen.

So until next time, friends. And remember, be sure to always do what the voices inside the dice are telling you to do.

Roll for doing my laundry.... success!


Music: "Derezzed" (Glitch Mob Remix) - Daft Punk

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